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A decade ago, computers and laptops were the most advanced gadgets available in the market. People used these devices for accessing Internet and collecting all possible information. However, times changed and all of us are found juggling with the problem of limited time

In our time-starved lives, we want to do tasks like accessing Internet, shopping and booking tickets on the go. Maybe this is the reason why an exponential increase has been witnessed in the number of users who access Internet using mobile phones. Mobile manufacturing companies understood the demand of customers well in time and launched smart phones using which Internet can be accessed with ease. Sadly, website owners are still not aware of this demand and continue doing business with their conventional websites.

Doubtlessly, conventional websites work well when accessed on computers/laptops. However, when users access these websites from mobile phones, the website makes no sense. And naturally the visitor moves away from your website without even taking a look. So, if you don’t want to lose this increasing group of customers, it is crucial to have a mobile website.

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is a website that is compatible to mobile phones. Unlike conventional websites, mobile sites have lesser load time so that users can find whatever they want in the minimum possible time. These websites are not detailed and contain to-the-point information only. All in all, mobile websites are action oriented websites that can bring more conversions in comparison to ordinary websites. So, if you really wish to expand your business, you must grab the opportunity of mobile marketing as well. And as a pioneer mobile website development company, Tech Genuine can help you in this endeavor.

Do I Need Different Websites for Different Operating Systems?

If you hire Tech Genuine mobile website development services, a single website would work on different operating systems like Windows, Symbian OS, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and a few more. We develop mobile websites that are compatible with all the platforms, eliminating the requirement of specific websites.

Principles Followed while Designing Mobile Websites

Like conventional websites, we use HTML and JavaScript to develop mobile websites as well. However, the guiding principles for mobile websites are definitely different. Some of the key factors our team of designers and developers keep in mind while designing mobile websites are:

1. Simple – We are completely aware of time-starved lives of users and thus design websites that are simple to understand.

2. User-Friendly – Different pages of a website are linked in such a manner that users reach the desired page without wasting any time.

3. Focused – The mobile website designed at Tech Genuine contains only relevant information to ensure that visitors do not move away upon seeing extraneous details.

4. Optimized – The ultimate aim of having a mobile website is to attract more visitors and increase conversions. Tech Genuine optimizes mobile websites in such a manner that they fetch maximum conversions in minimum possible time.

Still Confused about Getting a Mobile Website?

If you are still confused about having a mobile website, give us a call and we would be happy to solve all your queries.

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