Pay Per Click

Whenever a user searches for anything on Google, two types of results appear – Organic Results & Paid Results.

While search engine optimization is for organic results, pay per click (PPC) service is for paid results. This service has been named pay per click because an advertiser pays only when a user clicks on his ad shown on the search engine result pages. More or less, pay per click works like search engine optimization except it is a paid service. Now, if PPC works like SEO why should one choose the former over latter? Because Pay per Click services offer benefits that cannot be availed with organic results. Let us discuss the benefits of PPC services one by one.

  • Easy to Launch – When compared to other services, it has been seen that it is easier to setup a PPC campaign.
  • Quick Conversions – Unlike SEO, you do not have to wait for weeks or months to see results. PPC campaigns deliver almost instantaneous results.
  • Specific Targeting – While using Google ad service, Google Adwords, advertisers have the option of choosing exact demographic location to be targeted. Also, you can choose timings during which the ads are shown to users.
  • Wise Utilization of Money – Since you pay only when a user clicks on your ads, it is easier to track where you are spending your money.

All in all, Pay per Click services have become one of the most popular forms of advertising in the digital media and you must leverage its power to stay ahead of your competitors.

For optimum utilization of benefits of PPC services, advertisers need the help of a professional and experienced PPC Company. Gladly, Tech Genuine has a team of skilled and experienced PPC experts who can run Adwords campaigns for your company. Apart from creating effective PPC campaigns, our team of professionals keeps monitoring the performance for improvement. For us, every project is a challenge which we overcome by delivering maximum conversions. Yes, unlike other unprofessional marketers we are not concerned about clicks. Our entire focus is to drive maximum conversions through PPC campaign.

Being a leading digital marketing agency, Tech Genuine can assist its clients on other marketing fronts as well. Our marketing consultants can devise a marketing strategy for your business that includes website designing, search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing. We combine all the services to help your business gain recognition and of course customers in the virtual market.

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